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Deployment of AI-based technology is happening in the Data Center. The processor-intensive servers are driving up energy demands. The table below illustrates the magnitude of the impact. The International Energy Agency (IEA) predicts that data centers will account for up to seven percent of global electricity consumption by 2030; a number equivalent to the entire country of India’s electricity consumption.

CPU/GPU TechnologyCurrentImpedanceWatts (Cabinet Avg)
Today’s non-AI Server CPU400 A100 µΩ25 kW
Early AI GPU’s800 A50 µΩ75 kW
Latest AI GPU1,400 A28 µΩ110 kW
Next Gen GPU2,000 A20 µΩ500 kW-1MW

Figure 1: Power Consumption of CPU & GPU technology in Data Center.

With this growing demand for power, the emphasis on energy efficiency is critical. Partnering with Steve Sandler, a highly-recognized power integrity expert; Tektronix has developed good measurement techniques to improve Operations/Watt of next generation AI Data Centers.

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