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Downloadable ADS Workspaces for Picotest Power Integrity Workshops

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SI, PI, and EMI Have a Simpler, More Integrated Future

SI, PI, and EMI Have a Simpler, More Integrated Future steve sandler picotestA panel of experts at DesignCon 2018 said that signal integrity, power integrity, and electromagnetic integrity aren’t going to be separate disciplines any longer. But how can engineers address the new challenges ahead?

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Switched-Mode Power Supply Simulation with SPICE: The Faraday Press Edition

Switched-Mode Power Supply Simulation with SPICE: The Faraday Press Edition“In a reprint of Steve Sandler’s classic technical book, PWM models and power supply simulation solutions are described in depth–with special attention paid to practical magnetic components.

All common topologies are discussed, including linear, buck and flyback converters. Practical guidance is given for EMI/RFI filtering and magnetics design and analysis.

Most of the book’s code (available to book purchasers) will run, unaltered, on all of popular SPICE versions, including PSpice, LTspice, and Tina.

Sometimes maligned, SPICE can provide very accurate results that correlate with real circuit operation if accurate models are used.

As an internationally recognized power supply expert and zealot for improved power integrity, Steve Sandler’s classic Switched-Mode Power Supply Simulation is a valuable resource for any Engineer’s bookshelf.”

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A Signal Integrity Problem? Maybe Not

designcon signal integrity power integrity steve sandler picotestElectronic design engineers testing for signal integrity issues in their products may be looking for the wrong thing, experts will tell engineers at an upcoming keynote panel at  DesignCon in Santa Clara, CA.

In many cases, the real culprit may be power integrity or electromagnetic interference (EMI), but engineers are increasingly misinterpreting the problem in front of them. The misunderstanding can cause problems in all kinds of systems using high-speed electronics and sensors. “We have to consider signal integrity, power integrity, and electromagnetic interference, not independently, but as one thing,” Steve Sandler, managing director of Picotest, told Design News.  “Too often, we’re not doing that.”

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Measuring Sub-milliOhm PDN Impedance

High speed and portable electronics are still shrinking while power integrity demands continue to require lower power distribution network (PDN) impedance.  Measuring sub-milliOhms is difficult.  Getting low noise, sub-milliOhm measurements in very small circuits is a bit more difficult. The result,150 u?, is impressive. This article explores the test techniques involved in making the measurement.

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Bode Plots are Overrated

bode plots are overrated power integrity picotest steve sandler edi con

Control loop stability is critically important. But whether your focus is on power supply design, power integrity, or mixed-signal power system design, the Bode plot probably isn’t going to provide you with reliable or optimum design guidance. The five major reasons why Bode plots are no longer sufficient is detailed in this article.

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Designing Power for Sensitive Circuits

designing power for sensitive circuits power integrity picotest steve sandler publication signal integrity journal edi con outstanding paper awardThe current focus on power integrity is related to maintaining a low and flat impedance at high-speed devices such as memory devices, FPGAs, CPUs, and SerDes transceivers. The singular goal is to ensure a stable supply voltage, within the specified range, to these high-speed devices as their load currents are dynamically changing. This article discusses Sensitivity to Power Supply Noise, Defining Sensitivity, Defining Power Supply Noise Limits, Designing a Power Supply Noise Filter and High-Accuracy Low-Noise Regulators.

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EDI CON USA 2017 Celebrates High Frequency and High Speed

edi con 2017 picotest power integrity signal integrity“EDI CON is the first industry event to bring together RF, microwave, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), electromagnetic interference (EMI) and high-speed digital design engineers and system integrators for networking, product demonstrations, training and learning opportunities. In its second year, EDI CON USA offered a unique combination of training, technical sessions, workshops and panels, with a commercial exhibition not found at similar events. Eight training courses were offered on the first day, followed by technical sessions, workshops/panels, plenary talks and an exhibition with more than 100 companies on the second and third days.”

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Accurately measure ceramic capacitors by extending VNA range

Ceramic capacitors play an oversized role in circuit performance as a major contributor to voltage regulator control loop stability and power delivery network (PDN) impedance. When designing with these circuit staples, you need good impedance data over a wide frequency range. Proper measurement technique is the key to making accurate measurements. Here’s how to use two simple techniques that result in accurate, wideband, frequency measurements by extending the range of a vector-network analyzer (VNA).

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Power Integrity Workshop Video Series Lab 2: Two-Port Impedance Measurements

Video-Thumb-PIW-Lab-2-2017In this second video for the Power Integrity Workshop video series, Steve Sandler shows how to make Two-Port Impedance Measurements using the Bode 100 Vector Network Analyzer.

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