Component Test

  • Ferrites in PCB Design: What the Experts Say

    “The best time to use a ferrite is never” Are you curious about the role of ferrite beads in PCB design? A thread posted…

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  • Picotest Pocket TDR Fills Important Niche 

    A time domain reflectometer (TDR) is generally a large, expensive benchtop instrument that measures impedance, PCB coupons, dielectric constants, PCB signal traces, interconnects, connectors,…

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  • If You Design Anything with a Power Supply, You Need a Vector Network Analyzer

    When it comes to designing electronic circuits and systems, ensuring stability, quality, and reliable operation is paramount. If your projects involve power supplies, voltage…

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  • New Fast Edge TDR in a Portable Package Supports PCB Coupon Testing and Instrument Calibration

    We have released a new, low-cost, pocket-sized, fast-edge signal generator and TDR in one convenient package. “Such a high speed, precise TDR/TDT has never…

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