• VRM Modeling and Stability Analysis for the Power Integrity Engineer

    In the world of power electronics, the focus is on the power supply, and the load is modeled as a simple resistor. In the…

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  • If You Design Anything with a Power Supply, You Need a Vector Network Analyzer

    When it comes to designing electronic circuits and systems, ensuring stability, quality, and reliable operation is paramount. If your projects involve power supplies, voltage…

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  • Picotest Releases NISM Stability Tool for Cadence PSpice, Keysight ADS Simulators, and Hardware VNAs and Scopes

    March 19, 2023, Phoenix, AZ:, a leader in high-resolution test and measurement equipment, has announced the availability of the non-invasive stability measurement (‘NISM’)…

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  • Podcast with Steve Sandler: How To Measure Controlled Loop Stability and 12-Week Online Master Class

    Judy Warner of The EEcosystem discusses with Steve Sandler the tool he developed called the Non-Invasive Stability Measurement Tool and how he transformed his lecturing and…

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  • A Bode Plot Without Access to the Control Loop

    by Steve Sandler This extreme measurement seems more impossible than difficult.  The traditional stability assessment method for voltage regulators is the Bode plot.  Access…

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  • Tektronix App Note: Measuring the Control Loop Response of a Power Supply Using an Oscilloscope

    Download the latest app note from Tektronix… “Most power supplies and regulators are designed to maintain a constant voltage over a specified current range. They…

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