Does the J2110A Bode Box accept both +12V and -12V power supply at the same time? I saw only one red banana jack and one black banana jack from the picture.

OUT is sum of OSC and IN?


  1. The J2110A ships with the J2170A low noise power supply.  The connector is a DIN type, not the banana jacks
  2. Yes, and the input stage is very linear, so there is minimal mixing of the signals.  The osc input impedance is 50Ohms and the other input is high impedance
  3. The bandwidth is specified at DC-45MHz, however, if you measure it you will find it goes to 100MHz+

This is our highest fidelity injector.  Note that the power supplies are +/- 12V, so the maximum DC+AC input signal is 10.5V.