High Fidelity POL Testing with the J2112A

The J2112A: Faster, Non-Invasive, and High Fidelity POL Step Load Testing

Testing the step load performance of Point of Load (POL) regulators and Low Dropout linear regulators (LDOs) requires an electronic load that is non-invasive, easily controlled, has fast edge speeds and is capable of providing large current steps.

The J2112A is just such an electronic load. The J2112A is also known as a Current Injector for its ability to sink current. It can provide load steps up to 1Amp, in place of or in parallel with, your existing load circuitry. Depending on the interconnect impedances, the J2112A outperforms most electronic loads with 10nS rise and fall times with a 40MHz repetition rate. This makes it the perfect piece of test equipment for high speed applications, such as POL, FPGA and CPU based power supplies.

Many engineers are already familiar with popular the J2111A Current Injector, which has a step load capability of approximately 100mA and rise and fall times on the order of 25nS. Its wide bandwidth current injection supports output impedance, non?invasive stability and small signal transient load step testing, primarily for switchers, linear regulators, voltage references and opamps.

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