When it comes to designing electronic circuits and systems, ensuring stability, quality, and reliable operation is paramount. If your projects involve power supplies, voltage regulation modules, passive components, or high-speed digital circuitry then you will want to understand more about how the Bode 100 can help you improve your products. 

The Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) is an essential instrument designed for measuring and characterizing the electrical performance in the frequency domain.  As Steve Sandler, Picotest CEO and DesignCon 2023 Engineer of the Year, is fond of saying, “If I could only have one test instrument on my bench, it would be a VNA.” 

The Power of Precision 

Imagine you are an architect designing a skyscraper. Before laying the foundation you’d meticulously plan every detail to verify the building’s stability and efficacy. Similarly, when you design electronic systems, you need a tool that unveils the intricate details of the power system. That tool is a VNA.  

The BODE 100: VNA Features and Benefits

The BODE 100, is designed to meet the demands of modern electronics engineers and designers. Let’s explore its key features and how they can benefit your projects. You might have only touched upon the VNA in a college laboratory class, but it has come a long way in terms of capability and ease-of-use. 

Stability of Power Supplies and High Current Power Distribution Networks 

The BODE 100 allows you to assess the stability of power supplies, including DC/DC converters, switchers, Point of Load (POL) regulators, and Low Drop-Out (LDO) regulators. This means you can identify potential issues in power delivery, ensuring your circuit loads operate flawlessly. 

Power Integrity Analysis 

In today’s world of high-speed electronics, power delivery network (PDN) and Voltage Regulation Module (VRM) output impedance are critical. The BODE 100 allows you to analyze impedance values and flatness, even down to the micro-ohm range, guaranteeing power integrity in your designs. 

Optimal Power-Plane Impedance 

Efficient decoupling is crucial for noise reduction and circuit performance. By measuring power-plane impedance, the BODE 100 helps you optimize decoupling strategies, ensuring clean power delivery to your components.  

Swept S-Parameters of Electronic Circuits 

For a deep understanding of electronic circuits and filters, swept S-parameters are invaluable. The BODE 100 provides Touchstone file compatibility for easy assessment of circuit performance. 

Complex Gain Measurement 

Complex gain analysis is vital for characterizing loop gain, filter response, amplifier gain, and more. Delve into the intricacies of your circuits with ease.  

Complex Impedance and Admittance Measurement 

The BODE 100 simplifies the process of understanding complex impedance and admittance when impedance matching providing straightforward characterization. 

Characterizing Passive Components and Circuit Boards 

Precise modeling of passive components and circuit boards is essential for accurate simulations and optimizations. With the BODE 100, you can create detailed SPICE models for passive components and boards. 

Resonance Behavior Analysis 

For circuits with high-Q factors, such as oscillation crystals, understanding resonance behavior is vital. The BODE 100 helps you explore these characteristics with precision. 

Group Delay Insights 

Group delay analysis is essential for time-domain characterization. With the BODE 100, you can examine group delay characteristics, providing crucial insights into your Device Under Test (DUT).

Would you like to try the BODE 100? 

As electronic engineers, we know precision is the key to success. If you design anything with a power supply, you almost certainly need a VNA. And if you’re seeking unparalleled precision at a reasonable cost, the BODE 100 is your trusted companion. Its advanced features and capabilities empower engineers and designers to push the boundaries of innovation, ensuring their electronic creations perform flawlessly.  

Picotest maintains a demo pool of test equipment and accessories, along with step-by-step Training Exercises and support products. Let us know if you would like to demo a VNA or if you have any further questions. 

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