Inside the 21st Century Power Test LabMaking high fidelity measurements on high-performance power converters—when measured alone or in distributed power systems—can require a number of different test instruments encompassing multiple measurement domains. And with the performance of these converters and systems on the rise, the performance required of the test instruments is growing too.

In this 5-minute video, Steve Sandler of AEi Systems ( and Picotest ( takes you on a tour of an advanced power test lab that contains a wide assortment of instruments for measuring various power supply waveforms and troubleshooting various power-related problems, particularly those encountered in power distribution networks or PDNs. Sandler introduces a number of different test instruments that he has used to make various measurements, and discusses their measurement capabilities. In the process, he provides some guidance on the instrument specs required to measure power converters and PDNs, today and in the future. Video courtesy of SpinQ Studios (

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