Published October 6, 2023

Masashi Nogawa,, Sr. Member of Technical Staff, Qorvo

Published on Microwave

Masashi’s latest installment of his ongoing blog series exploring Power Supply Ripple Rejection (PSRR), he takes a brief detour from PSRR investigations to shift his attention to another essential factor in voltage regulation: output impedance (ZOUT).

In this installment of our blog series about Power Supply Ripple Rejection, we’ll take a break and shift our focus from PSRR to output impedance ZOUT.

Before the 21st century, most voltage regulator datasheets started their electrical characteristics (EC) tables with two key parameters:

  • Line Regulation
  • Load Regulation

For example, the LM317 datasheet of the early days [1] started its electrical characteristic table with the values as seen in Table 1:

Masashi Power Integrity Article Figure 1

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