We have released an updated common mode transformer, or ground loop isolator, that provides the best isolation for low-impedance power distribution network (PDN) measurements.

The new adapter, the J2102B, has an increased frequency range and eliminates the DC ground loop from 1Hz up to 6GHz. The high-frequency response supports the 2-port Shunt-Through impedance measurement required for PDNs. The J2102B works with any network analyzer or oscilloscope.

The simplest and most effective method for eliminating a ground loop is to add a wideband, low loss, tightly coupled common mode transformer to the measurement, such as the Picotest J2102B Common Mode Transformer. The transformer removes the ground loops associated with VNAs and oscilloscopes which frequently occur in power integrity PDN measurements.

The existence of the ground loops can be hidden and can impact the measurement results dramatically if not accounted for. The J2102B’s frequency response is flat from 1Hz to over 6GHz, all while maintaining 50Ohm input impedance for accurate, low-noise measurements. The J2102B supports PDN measurement, component measurement, PSRR testing, and many other applications.

The J2102B is available in two configurations; one with BNC connectors and one with N connectors. The price of the J2102B is $699 (BNC) and $799 (N). The J2102B is CE certified and is available for immediate delivery.

For more information please see the J2102B Common Mode Transformer and the Picotest PSRR Solutions page.