We have released a new, low-cost, pocket-sized, fast-edge signal generator and TDR in one convenient package. “Such a high speed, precise TDR/TDT has never before been available in this portable form, requiring only a USB power source, and at this price point,” according to Steve Sandler, Picotest CEO.

The PerfectPulse signal generator provides an ultra-fast, square, 32ps edge pulse. The -500mV, 50 Ohm output signal (trimmed for accuracy) is very square, without overshoot or undershoot, making it perfect for verifying instrument and probe rise/fall times, as well as verifying signal path rise/fall time and undershoot/overshoot.

The inclusion of a 10GHz power splitter allows the signal generator to be used as a high-performance reflectometer (TDR) for measuring PCB coupons, cable, and PCB trace impedance, verifying cable crimps, measuring trace and cable lengths, dielectric constant, and many other applications.

Single-button operation allows the selection of different operating frequencies with 1kHz, 10kHz, 100kHz, 1MHz, and 10MHz square wave settings, as well as, ground and DC output. A 3.5mm connector is used for added performance and reliability. PerfectPulse is compatible with all 50 Ohm probes, including the Picotest P2100A 1-Port probe, for convenient signal injection.

The introductory price of the J2151A PerfectPulse Fast Edge Signal Generator is $3500 and is available starting July 1st , 2018, from www.Picotest.com.

Selected Specifications:
•  Typical rise/fall time: 32ps
•  Flatness 3dB at 10.5GHz 0.1dB (typ) at 2GHz
•  Output Voltage 0 – 500mV, Trimmed to 1%+2.5mV
•  Output Impedance 50 Ohms, Trimmed to 1%
•  Output Connector 3.5mm
•  Power: USB input, 100mA typical current draw