We have released a new GaN probe. The P2000A is the Picotest general purpose high voltage GaN voltage probe with a 100:1 attenuation. Its fast rise time and accurate frequency response make it suitable for a variety of measurement applications.

The P2000A high voltage passive probe is suitable for measuring the fastest GaN (Gallium Nitride), eGaN, and SiC (Silicon Carbide) edges for timing and switching losses of high voltage power switches, as well as, EMC testing or glitch detection.

The slim body and very sharp probe tip is spring-loaded and minimizes the pressure to the DUT (device under test). The tip prevents the probe from slipping on the board surface, especially when probing at an angle. The probe tips are changeable.

Replacement tips are provided within the extensive accessory pack. The probe eliminates the need to solder test cables; and reduces the risk of damaging fine copper pads.

The probe is compatible with all 1MOhm equipment (BNC connection) including oscilloscopes and spectrum analyzers. For applications that need a 50-ohm connection, the Picotest J2180A Ultra Low Noise Preamp converts from the 1MegOhm probe impedance to 50 ohms allowing the probe to be compatible with all 50 ohm instruments.

GAN Probe Features– Test high voltage/high-speed GAN Signals

The P2000A can be used to measure all types of SiC and GaN circuitry. It has a bandwidth exceeding 700MHz and a rise time of 500ps. It can withstand an input Voltage of 1KV RMS and has an input impedance of 50MOhm and 7pF.

The price of the P2000A is $495 in single quantities and is available now from www.Picotest.com.

This P2000A GaN Probe measurement shows the rise time of a 50 Ohm 350ps edge as seen on a 4GHz scope. However, much of this rise time is due to the 7pF tip capacitance and 50 Ohm source.

At 700MHz the Picotest P2000A GaN Probe measurement indicates 88% of the tip voltage. The probe bandwidth after extracting the capacitance is >1GHz.


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