We have released a new book on the simulation of power distribution networks and power integrity. This book is the first text to cover various modeling and simulation topics related to the power integrity field. With a Forward from Heidi Barnes, (Keysight), “Power Integrity Using ADS” is written by Steve Sandler, Power Integrity guru and popular lecturer on the subject, and Anto Davis.

The book includes sections on the capacitor and inductor test and modeling, VRM modeling, including PCB effects in simulation, PDN Rogue Waves, and optimizing decoupling. Downloadable ADS workspaces with tutorial exercises are available.

The need for Power Distribution Network (PDN) simulation is essential due to its impact on power rail compliance, signal integrity, and electromagnetic interference (EMI). Evolutionary increases in data rates and edge speeds, coincident with decreasing power rail voltages, put ever more pressure on power integrity and system engineers to maintain optimum system performance.

Power integrity assurance requires end-to-end simulation including analogue and power electronics, as well as power-aware signal integrity simulation. This also includes details such as control loop assessment, capacitor and inductor modelling, and DC IR drop including remote sense lines and Printed Circuit Board (PCB) effects.

In “Power Integrity Using ADS”, award-winning and internationally recognized power integrity experts, Steven M. Sandler and Anto K. Davis, provide a roadmap for navigating the complexity of ADS for the working Power Integrity engineer. A key benefit to using Keysight Technologies’ PathWave® ADS is that power integrity simulations can be combined with the RF, microwave, and logic circuitry for complete, end-to-end simulation.