December 19, 2017, Phoenix, Arizona:, a leader in high resolution test and measurement equipment, has released a new solid-state Semi-Floating Amplifier (SFA), or ground loop isolator, that provides the BEST isolation for low impedance measurements. The new amplifier eliminates the DC ground loop from DC up to 800MHz. The high frequency response supports the 2 Port Shunt Thru impedance measurement required for Power Distribution Networks (PDNs). The amplifier works with network analyzers and oscilloscopes.

The J2113A removes the ground loops associated with VNAs and Oscilloscopes which frequently occur in power integrity PDN measurements. The existence of the ground loops can be hidden and can impact the measurement results dramatically if not accounted for. The J2113A’s frequency response is flat from DC to over 800MHz, all while maintaining 50Ohm input impedance for accurate, low-noise measurements. It allows measurement both lower and higher in frequency than achievable with a passive common mode transformer. The J2113A supports power distribution network (PDN) measurement, component measurement, PSRR testing and many other applications.

The introductory price of the J2113A is $1500 in single quantities and is available now. The J2113A is CE certified and is available for immediate delivery.

Selected Specifications:

The J2113A removes the ground loops associated CMRR Maximum Voltage Input/Output Impedance DC-800 MHz (-3dB), DC-700MHz (-1dB)
> 57dB
50 ohms

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