January 28, 2021 Phoenix, AZ:

We have released an online, on-demand training course – Master the Fundamentals of Power Integrity and Power Supply Testing.

The course teaches you how to successfully perform the most important power systems measurements.

Twelve lessons, encompassing almost 16 hours of lecture and hands-on demonstrations, are provided.

Additional resources include an Expert’s Blog, companion test exercise manual supporting over 25 measurement examples, specialized test equipment, parts, and training board support, and background articles and application notes.

Power Integrity issues are finding their way into nearly every imaginable industry and application.

Power supplies have become more integrated and more difficult to test requiring changing techniques, equipment, and skills.

This online course explores modern-day methods and best practices for testing distributed power systems and supplies – what designers and test engineers need to know to verify and validate their power systems. With Master the Fundamentals of Power Integrity and Power Supply Testing, you will learn and see the best practices. Lab demonstrations, test demo boards and parts kits, and extensive companion resources all support your ability to learn and perform these critically important measurements.

Impedance testing challenges are demystified, allowing you to find and fix stability problems. The test setups associated with some of the most widely misunderstood but critical industry parameters such as ripple, noise, and various forms of jitter are discussed in-depth. And practical guidance to debug your test setups is given.

The course is unique both for the emphasis on Power Integrity and for the hands-on nature of the demonstrations.

“This is the information about test and power supply measurement that they don’t teach you in school,”

Steve Sandler, CEO of Picotest and frequent Power Integrity industry lecturer.

“The course introduces you to the fundamentals of test including the motivations for testing, as well as some hard learned lessons from my 40+ year career.”

Steve Sandler, CEO of Picotest and frequent Power Integrity industry lecturer.

Topics include test setup interconnect best practices, measurement fundamentals including managing noise, testing ripple, impedance deep dive (1-Port, 2-Port, and 3-Port impedance measurements), testing for part modeling including DC bias, using a TDR, transient step load testing, and more advanced topics such as probe selection and NISM test (Non-Invasive Stability Measurement), a unique way to use impedance to test control loop stability.

The course is designed for practicing electrical engineers of all experience levels, students, and test technicians. The course requires some basic knowledge about instrumentation including Vector Network Analysis and Oscilloscopes.

Course Details

Various options for viewing and downloading the course and associated materials are available at https://fedevel.com/courses/power-integrity-and-power-supply-testing. For any questions, email emma@picotest.com or call Picotest at 877-914-7426.

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