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Outperforms the Keysight E3632A at half the price!

The P961xA Series of programmable, single output, DC power supplies with continuous autoranging and power sequencing capability.

The P9610A (105W 36V/7A, $625) and P9611A (150W 60V/6A, $535) offer features and performance not found on competing models costing twice as much.

Order now and we’ll include the USB Interface and stacking bumpers!

Beats the Competition, Available NOW!

  • Highest Quality Yet Competitively Priced
  • Continuous Autoranging
  • Better Transient Response
  • Low Noise – 35% less than competitors
  • Optical Controls – Don’t get dirty or wear out
  • Programmed Power Sequencing Capability
  • Single output – Two Models
  • P9610A 108W (36V/7A), P9611A 150W (60V/6A)
  • Remote sense – No Shorting Bar
  • Support Master – Slave Connections
  • Programming Compatible with the Keysight E3632A
NEW P9610A Power Supply

Programmable, Autoranging, Lightweight

See the Detailed Specifications Here.

Learn About Stability/Bode Plot/VNA Testing

FREE Webinar on Using VNAs

Learn more about the OMICRON Lab Bode 100 and power supply test online! The next webinar series will be hold in November 19th & 20th!

The upcoming Bode 100 webinar will cover the following:

  • Non-Invasive Stability Measurement of power supplies
  • Power supply loop stability measurements
  • Measuring component impedance and parasitics with the Bode 100 – tips and tricks

For each topic, we are offering two different time slots for your convenience. Each session will last approximately 60 minutes and includes time for questions and discussion.

For more information and free registration, please visit the OMICRON Lab website.

Previous Webinar Topic 

Efficient Stability Measurements (Nov. 2013) 

  • Introduction
  • What is stability?
  • Practical stability measurement
  • Time for discussion of the measurement results
  • New features (how to use your Bode 100 efficiently)
  • Wishes & feature requests – open discussion of Bode 100 functionalities
  • Closing