Picotest Releases New Opto-coupler CTR Measurement Instrument Set

Introducing the J2200A Optocoupler Test Instrument, a solution tailored to support opto-coupler CTR testing. With the J2200A, you can now measure CTR, ΔCTR, VF, and ΔRd, gaining invaluable insights into the performance of their opto-couplers. This includes critical factors such as saturation and operating bandwidth, essential for refining circuit designs and meeting stringent power consumption requirements.

Designed for seamless CTR testing, the J2200A enables measurement of both AC and DC parameters across various bias voltages. Employing pulse current mode measurement, effectively reduces temperature rise during testing, ensuring heightened measurement accuracy.

Optocouplers and opto-isolators serve as indispensable semiconductor devices, facilitating the transmission of electrical signals between isolated circuits. Used in applications ranging from microprocessor input/output switching to power control and signal isolation, providing vital protection and safety.

Included in the Optocoupler CTR Measurement Bundle alongside the J2200A is the M3522A Digital Multimeter for quick and easy CTR measurement. Together, these tools empower engineers with the precision and efficiency needed to tackle opto-coupler testing challenges with confidence.

Key Features:

  • Measures CTR, ΔCTR, VF, and ΔRd, along with saturation and bandwidth
  • Plug-and-Play testing for 4 and 6-pin opto-couplers
  • Easy wiring and control
  • Compatible with the Picotest M352XA 6 ½ Digit Multimeter (DMM) for high-speed control and data gathering
  • Works seamlessly with the OMICRON Lab Bode 100 VNA for AC Gain and Phase measurements

With the J2200A Optocoupler Test Instrument, you can ensure optimal performance and reliability in your circuit designs.

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