We have released a new, hyper-versatile, and handy clamping solution for printed circuit board soldering, testing, assembly, and probing. “Compared to ClampMan, hands-free clamping solutions have been in the dark ages.

Nothing is in its class; nothing has ever been available with this level of quality, flexibility and functionality,” according to Steve Sandler, Picotest CEO.

ClampMan is an ideal fit for clamping PCBs during lab tests and measurements. It can be used to clamp energized PCBs, relays, and other electronic components for soldering, repair, testing, debugging, thermal imaging, and isolated measurements.

Safe measurements on both sides of a powered PCB can be performed by mounting it on ClampMan’s non-conducting arms. It allows easy and accurate probing due to the precise German engineered hydraulic joint stands that stay where you put them. The ClampMan is a perfect solution for fixing PCBs of various shapes and formats in a large variety of different ways due to its fully adjustable and flexible design with multiple degrees of freedom and options.

ClampMan can be ordered in two forms. ClampMan Classic and a special ClampMan Bundle that includes ClampMan Light plus a variety of accessories.

ClampMan Classic includes a heavy-weight base stand with extender arm, non-conducting PCB Holder, PCB holding accessory set (knobs and PCB supports), and two probe holders. ClampMan Light, with the combined accessory bundle, is the entry level model. It is mainly designed to clamp smaller PCBs or hold parts like relays, especially for soldering or repair. It can also be used for tasks such as thermal imaging or with the vice jaws for isolated measurements. A probe holder or a thermal cam can be mounted on a second joint stand.