Judy Warner of The EEcosystem discusses with Steve Sandler the tool he developed called the Non-Invasive Stability Measurement Tool and how he transformed his lecturing and the Picotest business through Covid and beyond. He also gives Engineers a few tips on how to continue to thrive in this post-covid era.

Episode highlights

1:17     Steve’s DesignCon Bootcamp recap

3:16     Background as a Rocket Scientist

3:47     Steve’s Superhero, Matt Ozalas of Keysight and IMS in San Diego, June 2023

6:40     Steve’s accidental journey to Certified ADS Expert

10:30   How Picotest got started and the need it met for Engineers

14:44   Step away from the Exacto Knife: Why Steve developed the Non-Invasive Stability Measurement (NISM) tool and what instruments have now integrated this tool.

22:46   How Covid challenges created new opportunities for engineers, Steve, and the pivot toward online training; How Picotest pivoted to manufacturing in-house.

35:44   Steve’s Parrot Sammy imitating instrument sounds and making the cut as co-host to Tektronix Webinar

38:43   Funniest and most embarrassing Zoom meeting moments (share yours in the comments!)

44:51  Steve’s new class Mastering Power Integrity and Power Supply Measurements

50:17  Steve’s advice to engineers in the post-Covid era


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