P2124A Water-Cooled Probe

P2124A High Speed Line Modulator

General Measuring PSNR/PSRR/PSMR to Meet QSFP/OSFP High-Speed Requirements

Steve Sandler (Picotest), Bob Tarasewicz (Molex),Pavel Zivny (Tektronix), Tony Ambrose (Tektronix)

The impact of power supply noise on high-performance systems is well established, and as a result, many applications now require power supply sensitivity testing to ensure robust designs. There are numerous obstacles to overcome, beginning with nomenclature. In power electronics, we refer to this as PSRR or Power Supply Ripple Rejection, while in RF we refer to this as PSMR or Power Supply Modulation Ratio, and in high-speed transceivers, we refer to this as PSNR or PowerSupply Noise Rejection.