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Products > Probes > E5061B T/R Probe Adapter
NEW Non-Invasive Measurement Information
2-Port Probe Adapter Panel for the E5061B
  • Low noise, compact adapter with internal 6dB port splitter
  • Supports 2-port shunt-thru and ultra-low impedance measurement
  • Rugged, comfortable, ergonomic design; slim form factor
  • Two semi-floating ports
  • Easy to attach and detach
  • Neater connections consume less bench space
  • Works with the P2130A DC Blocker

What's included:
Probe Adapter Panel for the E5061B ENA's T/R Ports
-- Includes the 6dB resistive port splitter internal to the adapter
One (1) Year Manufacturer's Warranty

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J2160A 2-Port Probe Adapter Panel for the Keysight E5061B ENA T/R Ports

The Picotest J2160A Probe Adapter provides a low noise, compact solution when using the E5061B T/R ports in a 2-port shunt thru measurement. The T/R ports are desirable for low frequency 2-port measurements, since these ports are semi-floating, allowing low impedance measurements without the use of a coaxial common mode transformer such as the J2102A. The floating ports allow milliohm measurements even at very low frequency and up to the 30MHz range of the T/R ports.

The current solution uses a resistive 6dB port splitter combined with coaxial cables to support this measurement. The J2160A is a slim profile adapter, converting the three E5061B BNC ports to two BNC ports for the 2-port measurement. The 6 dB resistive port splitter is included internal to the adapter so no external splitter or cables are required. The short connections are neater, consume less bench space, and can result in a lower noise measurement.

The adapter can also be combined with ultra-wide bandwidth DC blockers, such as the Picotest P2130A. This allows you to make 2-port measurements of sensitive devices without the 50 ohm DC port loading, which could overload the device being measured and/or severely distort the measurement results.

The Picotest adapter also supports the extended 2-port shunt thru measurement, allowing higher impedance 2-port measurements by adding a series resistor to each port. [1]

Setup files for various values of resistance are available for FREE on the Picotest website in the Support section here.

1) Increase Range in 2-port Impedance Measurements, EDN, May 04, 2015