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Products > Preamps & Filters > EMI Bundle
NEW Non-Invasive Measurement Information
EMI Bundle: J2180A Preamp & EMI Probes
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Download the J2180A product brochure here. | Visit the "Support Page" for more downloads.

What's included:
Hand Held EMI Probe Set (EM-6992)

  • 6 cm Loop (EM-6993)
  • 3 cm Loop (EM-6994)
  • 1 cm Loop (EM-6995)
  • 3.6 cm Ball (EM-6996)
  • Stub (EM-6997)

All probes supplied with BNC connector and custom carrying case.

J2180A 0.1Hz-100MHz Ultra Low Noise Preamp (J2180A)

  • J2170A High PSRR Power Adapter
  • User manual
  • 1 Year Warranty

Model Description Price  
EMIB01 EMI Bundle: J2180A Preamp & EMI Probes