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Products > Power Integrity Station - ZNL Bundle
NEW Non-Invasive Measurement Information
Power Integrity Station Bundles - PWRRSZNL
Power Integrity Station
Features & Benefits:
  • Enables Power Integrity Testing
  • Includes the new Non-Invasive Stability Measurement Feature
  • Supports Impedance, PSRR, and Load Step Measurement
  • Supports low frequency PDN Assessments
  • Specialized Handheld Browser Probes make impedance and
    load step testing easier
  • Specialized Injectors enable power supply measurements


  • Injectors you need to enable all types of measurements
  • 1-Port and 2-Port 1 GHz 50 ohm Transmission Line PDN Probes
  • Wideband Common Mode Transformer for 2 Port Shunt Thru
    impedance measurements
  • High Performance Cable and Connector Kit
  • Power Integrity Training: VRTS1.5/VRTS3 Kits and Power Integrity
    Text Book
  • NISM (Non-Invasive Stability Measurement) Software
  • Product Information
Model Description Price  
PWRRSZNL Power Integrity Bundle for the Rohde and Schwarz ZNL (Regularly $8,787)
PWR100-OPT01 EMI Bundle Option for PWRRSZNL (Regularly $3,890)
J2113A J2113A Semi-Floating Differential Amplifier (Regular Price: $1,995)
PWRZNL Includes Description Individual Price  
INJB03 INJB03 Injector Bundle #3 (Includes J2111A Current Injector, J2101A Injection Transformer 10Hz - 45MHz, J2120A Line Injector, J2140A Attenuator, J2170A High PSRR Power Adapter, User manual, 1 Year Warranty
P21B01 PDN Probe Bundle (1 Port and 2 Port Probes), Accessory Kit, Two P2130A DC Blockers
ZNL NISM NISM Software for the Rohde and Schwarz (SINGLE USER License*) ZNL
J2102A Common Mode Transformer
PCK01 High Performance Cable and Connector Kit
TRN002 Power Integrity Text Book, VRTS3 Distributed System Demo Board, VRTS1.5 Voltage Regulator Test Standard
EMI Bundle Option Description Individual Price  
EMIB01 EMI Probes / J2180A Amplifier Bundle
J2150A Harmonic Comb Injector

The Picotest ZNL Bundle includes all of the accessories you need to super charge your network analyzer and enable all types of Power Integrity measurements including stability, PSRR, impedance (1 and 2 port), PDN, and more.