Rohde & Schwarz Demo

In this demonstration led by Mike Schnecker, Business Development Manager at Rohde & Schwarz, the focus is on showcasing the intricate relationship between power integrity and signal integrity using the RTP 164 oscilloscope.

The RTP 164, equipped with a 16 GHz bandwidth and 40 gig samples per second, offers a robust toolkit for analyzing both signal and power integrity. Through a practical setup involving USB memory drives, Schnecker illustrates how power integrity directly impacts signal quality.

Using eye pattern analysis, viewers gain insights into signal fidelity, observing differences between two drives in real-time. The demonstration then delves into advanced jitter analysis, uncovering the origins of signal distortion and identifying potential issues in signal launch.

By comparing the eye patterns and jitter parameters of two drives, Schnecker highlights the significance of power integrity in signal transmission. Additionally, he introduces the concept of periodic jitter, often attributed to power supply switching and its impact on signal quality.

To further dissect the problem, Schnecker utilizes the oscilloscope’s capability to analyze the impedance of the power distribution network (PDN). Through impedance measurements, he unveils insights into the efficacy of the PDN in mitigating noise and ensuring signal integrity. Using the Picotest accessories – J2161A and J2102B.

The demonstration concludes with a call to investigate power delivery issues, emphasizing the importance of understanding the impedance of the PDN in diagnosing signal integrity problems.

Overall, Schnecker’s presentation offers valuable insights into the critical link between power integrity and signal integrity, underscoring the importance of robust power distribution networks in high-speed data transmission systems.