Shipping Information Shipping Information (Updated 1/19/2022)

Free Drop Shipping offers free shipping and handling of our Picotest brand products (from the factory in Taiwan) for delivery of most orders placed through our website to all locations within the United States. Shipping costs will be added to any orders of Picotest brand equipment that cannot be received directly from Taiwan. We offer free shipping and handling of all OMICRON Lab brand products for delivery of most orders placed through our website to all locations within the United States. In some instances, your order will be shipped in multiple boxes, or in separate shipments in the event an item is not in stock and must ship at a later date.

Processing Time
Your order is thoroughly reviewed by to ensure that the order is accurate, the payment method is valid, and you are authorized to use this payment method. Once your order has passed this rigorous review, it is processed for shipment.

NOTE – We do not charge your credit or debit card until your order is shipped, however we do attempt to get an authorization on your card for the amount of your order at the time your order is placed. An authorization on a credit or debit card is a hold against your credit card spending limit and may utilize a portion of your credit limit or available funds, making those funds or portion of your credit limit unavailable for other use. In the unlikely event that your order is delayed or cancelled the authorization will expire and your credit limit or available funds will again become available for use. The amount of time it takes for an authorization to expire is dependant on the policies of the bank/company that issued your card and may generally range from 1 to 7 business days. When the product(s) you ordered are shipped, a charge for the total amount of the order shipped will be sent to your credit card bank/company. Your credit card bank/company should release the authorization when the charge is received. A charge is the only time a transfer of funds is completed; an authorization is not a transfer of funds.

Please note, credit card processing can take up to 3 business days (depending on the accuracy of the information you provide to us). Further, for security reasons, voice confirmation may be required before we can process your credit card for payment.

If the item(s) on your order are in-stock, we will ship them as soon as possible from our warehouse. If the item(s) on your order are out of stock, they will not be shipped until we have received and processed the backordered inventory in our warehouse.

Typical Transit Time
Typical transit times may range from 3 to 10 business days. Saturday & Sunday deliveries are not available. The typical transit times are estimates only, and does not guarantee that items will be delivered within these estimated times.