Test equipment ‘Solution Bundles’ you need to perform Impedance, TDR, Bode Plots & PSRR, Converter Input Impedance and Power Inductor under bias measurements.

Bode 500

The 2-Port Shunt-Through impedance measurement is the Gold Standard for PDN testing and Power Integrity assurance.

Picotest has a low-cost, pocket sized, signal edge generator and resistive port splitter that makes measurements with excellent accuracy.

PSRR is a significant performance concern as even small amounts of high frequency ripple voltage at the input can significantly degrade the output precision of voltage reference and impact downstream circuitry.

Control loop stability is critical to the performance of all systems, as it influences all closed loop parameters, as well as system noise.

Measuring ultra-low impedance is a common requirement for assuring power integrity. This means measuring 1 milliohm to 2 milliohm voltage regulator modules (VRMs) and power distribution networks (PDNs).

Perform PDN, Bode Plot, PSRR, and NISM testing using Rohde & Schwarz oscilloscopes and Picotest Injectors.

The most important component in a switching power supply besides the power IC is its power inductor.

Testing the input impedance of a switching converter is a necessary step in designing a stable input filter to counterbalance the converter’s negative input resistance.