Measuring PCB, Cable and Interconnect Impedance, and Dielectric Constants

Low cost, portable, oscilloscope connected TDR/TDT

A TDR/TDT is generally a large, expensive instrument that includes a high-speed edge pulse and a sampling oscilloscope.

TDR (Time Domain Reflectometry) is used to measure dielectric constants, PCB coupons, PCB signal traces, interconnects and cables.

TDT (Time Domain Transmission) is used to measure crosstalk, rise time degradation, insertion loss, dielectric loss, skin effect and characterize lossy transmission line parameters.

Picotest has a low-cost, pocket sized, signal edge generator and resistive port splitter that together with a real time oscilloscope can be used to make these measurements with excellent accuracy.

Along with a sampling oscilloscope, it can also be used to generate an eye diagram. Look below for testing solutions and product information.

The PerfectPulse® TDR combined with the P2104A or P2105A Probes can measure PCB coupons using a 1-2GHz real time oscilloscope.

The PerfectPulse® can be used to measure cable impedance or length, PCB dielectrics and trace length or even identify damaged cables or poor connector crimps.


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