2-Port Shunt-Through Impedance

PDN Measurement for Power Integrity

The 2-Port Shunt-Through impedance measurement is the Gold Standard for PDN testing and Power Integrity assurance. Power Integrity assessment and optimization is an essential element in today’s designs.

It is critical that your power supplies, printed circuit boards, and decoupling be properly designed in order to achieve flat impedance goals. Commonly applied “Rules-of-thumb” generally don’t work well in high speed circuits or other sensitive applications.

Design assurance, optimization and troubleshooting all require accurate low impedance measurements. Whether you are modeling components, testing power supply output impedance, assessing target impedance, or looking to manage PDN resonances, Picotest has a 2-port testing solution for you. Look below for testing solutions and product information.



In this video, Steve Sandler shows how to simplify one of the more complicated impedance measurements. The 2-Port shunt thru measurement is powerful and accurate down to very small impedance.

This video looks at how to perform a full calibration on the Copper Mountain Compact 2-port VNA using the Picotest P2102A 2-port probe and the P2100A-CAL calibration board that comes with the probe.

2-port Dembed with Picotest 2-Port Probe

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