Bode 100 Support

Bode Analyzer Suite 3.25 SR2 (2023-08-29)

The Bode Analyzer Suite installer provides the graphical Bode Analyzer Suite (BAS) user interface as well as the COM based Automation Interface (AI).

PC Requirements

ProcessorIntel Core-I Dual-Core (or similar)
Memory (RAM)2 GB, 4 GB recommended
Graphics resolutionSuper VGA (1024×768)
higher resolution recommended
Graphics cardDirectX 11 with Direct2D support
USB interfaceUSB 2.0 or higher
Operating systemWindows 7 SP1 or higher

Note: New Automation Interface V3.X

Attention: BAS V3.X comes with a completely new Automation Interface! If you have developed an automated solution with a previous version of the Bode Analyzer Suite you will have to apply some changes if you want to use the BAS V3.X!

The new Automation Interface 3.X brings several advantages to you:

  • Compatibility with the new Bode 100 Hardware-Revision 2
  • Use the predefined measurement modes of Bode Analyzer Suite
  • Control more than one Bode 100 from one PC
  • Perform faster measurements (especially single-point measurements)
  • Use events to build real-time applications
  • Fully compatible with 32 bit and 64 bit Microsoft Windows systems
  • Directly access the Automation Interface from .NET
  • Access from multiple programming languages via COM

To learn more about the new Automation Interface 3.X, check out the Automation Interface reference at:

In addition there is a LabVIEW® instrument driver available for download from

ApplicationBode Analyzer Suite (Full installer 32 bit & 64 bit)V3.25 SR22023-08-29251MB
ApplicationBode Analyzer Suite – 32 Bit (32 bit installer only)V3.25 SR22023-08-29115MB
ApplicationBode Analyzer Suite – 64 Bit (64 bit installer only)V3.25 SR22023-08-29122MB
ApplicationBode Automation Interface – Automation interface only (32bit & 64bit)V3.25 SR22023-08-29196MB

OMICRON Lab Terms & Conditions

The Bode Analyzer Suite 3.25 brings several new features that allow you to: Plot transfer functions over frequency as Bode plots or Nyquist plots etc. Compare measurements with theoretical transfer functions using our new Expression Traces. Evaluate complex mathematical expressions using measurement data and memory data.

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Please check out the system requirements needed to run Bode Analyzer Suite!

Newest Stable Version

Note: Bode Analyzer Suite V3.X and V2.X cannot be installed at the same time on a PC! (This also applies to the automation interface.)