Bode Analyzer Suite 3.0 – A major step in usability

The new Bode Analyzer Suite 3.0 features the following improvements:

  • Unlocks your Bode 100 to 50 MHz
  • Quicker setup with measurement setup assistants
  • 7 impedance measurement modes to measure mOhm to MOhm
  • Shunt-Thru, Series-Thru and Voltage/Current Gain impedance measurement modes
  • Improved and intuitive memory handling
  • New automation interface (API) for simpler programming and faster-automated measurements
  • Many export formats (Touchstone, CSV and Excel export)
  • De-embed probes and fixtures using Open, Short and Load in all measurement modes
  • Use more than one Bode 100 on one PC
  • And much more…

Feel free to download BAS 3.0 software and documentation on our support page.