What you are expecting may be completely different from what is happening on your PCB.

This hour-long video is packed with discussions about PCB simulation, how to perform them, and what you can learn.

Robert Feranec gets together with Steve Sandler (https://www.picotestonline.com/about) to discuss the following:

Simulating the PCB, breaking down the results to see potential issues, what to look at after you import your PCB, what causes PCB resonances, what influences PCB performance, DC/AC Analysis, PPR (Power Plane Resonance) analysis, how you can have both independent circuit and plane resonances, how to review your stackup, model and simulation setup, reviewing s-parameter results, what frequency do you run your extraction to, understanding characteristic impedance, impact of vias, what frequency is my design good up to, near field current density assessments, and much more.

Video: https://welldoneblog.fedevel.com/2020/11/05/thinking-to-do-pcb-layout-simulations-this-may-help-with-steve-sandler/

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