Power Integrity is driving design performance. With each new generation of high speed digital and RF circuitry, your designs are expected to perform at higher frequencies while the supply voltages are being reduced to meet new power efficiency goals. As the result, circuits have become increasingly sensitive to power supply noise and PDN impedance mismatches. As voltage margins have decreased, even minor variations in the supply voltage interacting with your PCB design have large detrimental impacts on system performance. Therefore, the ability to test, characterize, model, simulate and optimize the performance of your power supply, power delivery network (PDN), and their integral components, is crucial for a successful design.

Picotest Training Workshops are the best way for you to come up to speed on Power Integrity topics. The workshops provide both detailed technical content and practical hands-on test experience. Small classes and multiple bench setups let you learn by doing. Personalized instruction is provided by Steve Sandler, Power Integrity guru, author of the popular book on Power Integrity and industry leading lecturer on this emerging technology.

If you are not taking into account Power Integrity in your designs, if you are not well versed in the power distribution network design, if you are not familiar with the concepts and pitfalls of how the power supply, PCB, and high-speed loads interact with one another, then these workshops are for you.

Power Integrity

  • Learn why Power Integrity matters
  • How to test and characterize Power Distribution Networks
  • PDN Design, Modeling, Test, and Simulation come together
  • Learn the methods for optimizing your power system designs
  • Practical, hands-on labs using the latest instrumentation
  • Perform all the measurement techniques for PDN validation and verification


VRM Modeling and Decoupling Workshop

  • Test and Modeling of VRMs for Simulation
  • Overview of the modeling methodology for PDN components
  • Decoupling characterization and optimization


Power Supply Test and Measurement Workshop

  • Learn the best practices for test and measurement of power systems
  • Practice all the key switcher and linear regulator measurements
  • Understand how to perform frequency and time domain characterization


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