J2114A High CMRR Amplifer

Ultra-Low Impedance Measurement: Testing and Optimizing with the J2114A – High CMRR Isolation Amplifier – Ground Loop Breaker

Testing ultra-low impedance is critical to ensure the accuracy and reliability of electronic components and systems. Precise measurement techniques, calibration, and high-quality instruments are required in this domain. Minimizing error factors is key. Along with our specialized PDN cable, ground loop errors are further minimalized with the J2114A High CMRR Isolation Amplifier.

In this article, we explore the importance of simulations, the features of the J2114A, and its contribution to your ultra-low impedance measurements.

The Role of Simulations in Testing

Simulations form the backbone of the testing phase in ultra-low impedance measurement. They provide a virtual environment to test various scenarios and configurations, helping engineers to predict how components will behave in real-world applications. Accurate simulations require detailed and precise models derived from reliable testing data, especially when dealing with sub-ohm impedances.

Essential Tools for Accurate Measurement

To achieve precise measurements at this impedance level, it is essential to optimize the test setup. The J2114A High CMRR Isolation Amplifier from Picotest stands out due to its advanced capabilities in eliminating ground loop errors. Alongside this, custom decoupling boards and specialized probes are crucial to getting accurate component data. These tools help reduce noise and eliminate ground loops, thereby improving the fidelity of the measurements.

Introducing the J2114A High CMRR Isolation Amplifier

The J2114A is a high common mode rejection ratio (CMRR) solid-state amplifier designed to provide optimal isolation for low-impedance measurements. It is specifically engineered to address the challenges of ground loops commonly found in Vector Network Analyzers (VNAs) and Oscilloscopes.

Key Features of the J2114A

  • Enables Measurement of Micro Ohm Impedances: The J2114A supports measurements of extremely low impedances, down to the micro-ohm level, making it ideal for applications requiring high precision.
  • Greater than 100dB Isolation: Its high isolation capability ensures minimal interference from external noise sources, leading to more accurate measurements.
  • Eliminates DC Ground Loop Down to DC: By eliminating ground loops, the J2114A ensures measurements are not affected by common-mode noise.
  • Wide Frequency Range: The amplifier boasts a flat frequency response from DC to over 10MHz, allowing it to support both low and high-frequency measurements beyond the reach of common-mode transformers.
  • Compatibility with Various Test Equipment: It works seamlessly with network analyzers, oscilloscopes, and spectrum analyzers, ensuring versatility in different testing scenarios.
  • Excellent CMRR Performance: The superior common-mode rejection ratio enhances the accuracy and reliability of the measurements.
  • Optimizes Pulse Response for Oscilloscopes: By isolating probe grounds, the J2114A optimizes the pulse response, which is crucial for precise oscilloscope measurements.

Hardware Components

The J2114A package includes:

  • J2114A High CMRR Isolation Amplifier – Ground Loop Breaker
  • 0.25m BNC-SMA PDN Cable®
  • USB-C Cable
  • 1 Year Warranty

Applications of the J2114A

The J2114A is particularly beneficial for applications such as:

  • Power Distribution Network (PDN) Impedance Measurement: Essential for ensuring the stability and performance of PDNs in various electronic systems.
  • Component Measurement: Accurate characterization of electronic components for use in precise applications.
  • PSRR Testing: Power Supply Rejection Ratio (PSRR) testing to ensure power supply noise does not adversely affect the system performance.


If you are testing ultra-low impedance, having the right tools is crucial for obtaining accurate and reliable data. The J2114A High CMRR Isolation Amplifier from Picotest provides the isolation and precision required for such measurements. By eliminating ground loops and offering high isolation, the J2114A ensures that measurements are accurate and free from common-mode noise and the effects of ground shield resistance. Whether for PDN impedance measurement, component testing, or PSRR evaluation, the J2114A stands out as an essential instrument for engineers striving for accuracy in ultra-low impedance.