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Products > Training > VRTS3 Distributed System Demo Board
NEW Non-Invasive Measurement Information
VRTS3 Distributed System Demo Board V1.0
The board contains eight individual circuit sections as identified in the table below. These circuits are typical in most distributed systems providing an excellent test bed for demonstrating non-invasive, in-system measurement, optimization and troubleshooting techniques. Table 1 Circuit Sections on the VRTS3 Board

Section Function
POL 5V USB input to 3.3V 2.8MHz switching regulator
REF03 2.5V low noise voltage reference
OPAMP 245MHz Bandwidth unity gain opamp buffer
LDO LD1086 voltage regulator 5V USB input to 3.3V output
CLOCKS/BUFFERS 10MHz and 125MHz clocks
CALIBRATION Short-Open-Load and 1 Ohm calibration ports
PLANES & CAPS Parallel tantalum and ceramic capacitor on a small PCB plane
MICROSTRIPS 50Ω microstrips with precision aberrations - one with a
ground void
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VRTS03 VRTS3 Distributed System Demo Board V1.0
VRTS03-PIB VRTS3 Demo Board Plus the Power Integrity Book - Special Limited Time Offer

The VRTS3 demonstration board is a self-contained board designed to support a wide range of typical distributed system measurements. Input power is provided via a USB port using a typical USB-A to USB-B cable. No additional equipment is required for this board other than the measurement instruments.

Supported Measurements



1 Port Impedance DC Block
Output Impedance See Impedance Table 2
Bode Plot J2100A or J2101A
Non-invasive Stability See Impedance Table 2
Switching Frequency  
Switch Rise Time  
Duty Cycle Jitter  
Noise DC Block, 1 Port Probe, Preamp
PSRR DC Block, J2120A, or J2111A
Step Load Response J2111A or J2112A
Clock Jitter  
Clock Rise Time  
Jitter Sensitivity DC Block
Power Supply Impedance See Impedance Table 2
Clock Buffer PDN Noise DC Block
Clock Buffer Impedance See Impedance Table 2
Parallel Capacitor resonance 1 Port Probe
Plane Impedance 1 Port Probe
Velocity Factor and Er  
Trace Impedance  
Impedance of Broken Ground  
2 port Shunt Thru Impedance J2120A, 2 Port Probe, DC Block
Ripple DC Block, Preamp
EMI Near Field Probes